With Wiztrust Data, streamline reporting and show the impact of your communication initiatives

Centralize and qualify offline and online press coverage feeds, transform your press reviews and exploit all the richness of your PR data.

Media monitoring, social listening and press reviews

Wiztrust integrates the services of the main media and social media monitoring providers. It can automatically retrieve your monitoring streams or simply include them in its subscription.

Centralize your monitoring feeds in Wiztrust and free yourself from formats and barriers between traditional, digital and social media.

Wiztrust transforms your press reviews. It allows to customize your press and social media review in the format you choose, easily.

You will also gather statistics on its consultation, useful for optimizing copyrights

Combine human intelligence with automated reporting

With Wiztrust, you generate useful data on interactions between your initiatives, your content and your audiences. The platform saves the history of your relationships and produces your activity reports. Make the most of our teams’ expertise to analyse clippings: type, source, treatment of your topics, presence of your speakers, sentiment, benchmark with the competition, etc. Wiztrust enriches your data every day regardless of the volume, languages and expected frequency.

Exploit the wealth of the data generated by your campaigns

You can produce customised and visualised dashboards, highlight results and share them in real time. With our “Insights Media Performance Index”, you can analyse PR performance and showcase its contribution to the corporate strategy. Explore the data to better understand current impact, decide where to invest and plan for future results.

Daily channel with top management

Create customized dashboards and feed your CRM and BI tools to position PR reporting at the level of other key corporate functions, such as marketing or sales.

Wiztrust Quarterly Dashboards

They are aimed at both listed and private companies wishing to measure the performance of their communications on a regular basis, for example following the announcement of quarterly results.

Each quarter, the Wiztrust Data dashboard is updated with the latest available data.

Wiztrust Data can also be used to track specific thematics:

  • Coverage of an acquisition, a crisis, a new product launch, etc.
  • Reports by business units or corporate function (coverage of the employer brand)
  • Reporting by country

Customized dashboards address the main critical KPIs.

Results feed directly into your Wiztrust CRM

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