Certify your content
and protect your company against disinformation

Join the ecosystem of trust of the market leaders and squash corporate fake news. With Wiztrust, reclaim control of your communication, protect the reputation of the company and its directors and reduce corporate liability

With Wiztrust, companies certify their corporate and financial information in the blockchain and allow media and investors to verify its authenticity with one click.

Certify your information in the blockchain

With Wiztrust you can certify all formats (press releases, annual reports, photos, videos). When content is approved, you integrate it into Wiztrust which creates a unique digital fingerprint for each file. You then share your content via the channel of your choice (e-mail, newsroom, social networks). When in doubt, recipients, journalists or investors drag and drop the file on wiztrust.com (no login is required) and can check the authenticity of the content.

Adopt the trust mark of the market leaders

Our mission is to build a systemic solution for fighting disinformation campaigns. To combat fake news Wiztrust rallies players from both sides of the corporate news field. Its effectiveness is based on its technology as well as its wide adoption that makes it the standard for market leaders’ communication teams and risk managers. Wiztrust currently protects a total maket capitalization of over €900 billion.

Reach a higher standard

Hackers, fraudsters and activists show unlimited creativity in impersonation and market manipulation. Regulators call for higher security standards from the source to the end of the information chain. Using Wiztrust means going one step ahead with best practices aimed at preventing fake news, and proving your commitment against fraud.

Certify corporate content authenticity for the media and investors

Wiztrust.com is accessible for no charge 24/7 and enables the authenticity of corporate information to be checked in one click. Wiztrust trains media and financial press agencies editorial staff and enters into partnerships with major media outlets and leading investors such as Amundi and Natixis.

Find out how Gecina protects its corporate and financial information with Wiztrust

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