Boost your PR success with our all-in-one public relation management solution

Optimize the distribution and visibility of your campaigns with Wiztrust. Distribute content through all channels from a single dashboard

Distribution : Emailing, newswires, social media

Program your campaigns across all channels and formats (web, emailing, newswires, social networks). Wiztrust connects to your websites, social networks and collaborative tools, and automates the adaptation of formats to each channel.

You then retrieve data on the impact of your campaigns, channel by channel.

Build high-performance email templates and send press releases and newsletters. Wiztrust offers your email campaigns the best deliverability on the market, with a SenderScore of 99.5%.

Post directly to LinkedIn, Facebook and most internal social networks

Our social media solution makes it easy to manage all your social media accounts in one place. With our scheduling and publishing tools, you can create and schedule posts for multiple channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Wiztrust also allows to customize your posts for each channel, ensuring that your content is optimized for each platform.

Connected to your ecosystem

Wiztrust lets you work in collaborative mode with your favorite agencies. You share content, take action and measure results together.

Wiztrust is also a strategic partner for your technology and service providers.

Our API brings the power of Wiztrust into your own systems.

Increase media coverage of your content

Manage distribution of newswires directly from Wiztrust. The solution is connected to our partner Globe Newswire. It gives access to all distribution “circuits” and thus allows to broaden the media coverage of your news.”

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