About us

About Wiztrust

PR, Corporate and financial communication, investors relations, social media, employee advocacy,
Wiztrust offers compelling technologies in an all-in-one easy-to-use application.

Formerly known as Wiztopic, Wiztrust was born from the vision of experienced communication, media and software professionals.

The solution has become a standard for financial services and listed companies and meets the security, compliance and performance constraints of these demanding players.

With Wiztrust, communication teams manage, certify, distribute and measure the performance of their content.

Wiztrust has also become the first corporate content certification platform in the blockchain and protects companies from disinformation.

Founded in Paris, Wiztrust has users in more than 60 countries.

The team​

Wiztrust owes its success to creative and innovative minds who shape its technology and make it better day by day. Engineers, designers, sales and marketing people, customer success managers, our strength is also based on the diversity of our people who come from 12 different cultures. Curiosity, enthusiasm and boldness are the qualities we look for in new talent. Whatever their background, our people are the best in their specialty. All is organized to help them grow with a unique sense of excellence and service.

Euronext Corporate Services

Wiztrust partnership with Euronext Corporate Services positions Wiztrust as the referent platform for certifying corporate information in Europe and accelerates its adoption in markets where Euronext operates regulated exchanges.

Our values

Collaborative Success

We are deeply convinced that success is not individual but collective and relies on the collaboration between teams and the contributions of all.
At Wiztrust, each employee is always ready to support another employee, whether or not they are in the same team.

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Art of service

Wiztrust is developing technologies to empower communication teams.

Art of service refers to our SaaS products and to the excellence of the service provided to our clients. We pay attention to details that we put into our work towards our prospects, clients, coworkers.

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It is our ability to adapt ourselves efficiently and quickly to changing circumstances. In an ever-changing information world, with clients on the go 24 hours a day, our flexibility and tenacity are decisive assets. They are part of the company’s DNA.

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Growth & Nurturing

Wiztrust employees are all driven by the the willingness to learn more. We are aware that each of us has a unique potential and that’s why we are all growing by learning from each other.

Furthermore, as we stand in one of the fastest-growing industry, learning and sharing are key abilities to embrace our career and our experience at Wiztrust.

Play & Gourmandise

There is no success without fun, good humor, laughter and a chocolate bar 🍫. As you can read, we don’t even try to translate Gourmandise because it’s our French way of life.

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